11 June 2014

Showcases' spotlight: the Terrassa Augmentada App

Terrassa Augmentada is an augmented reality application - developed within CreativeCH - that allows you to enjoy a self-guided tour through the most emblematic industrial and art-nouveau buildings of Terrassa.

06 June 2014

The invasion of Normandy recreate in 3D and in VR

Credit: Dassault Systemes/
To celebrate the 70th anniversary of the invasion of Normandy, Passion for Innovation, a subsidiary of the French company Dassault Systemes, create an immersive 3D scenery of of the structures and vehicles which made the Operation Overlord possible.

15 May 2014

Open Culture BW's webinar on Digital Heritage and Licensing

Open Culture BW logo
Open Culture BW is a brand-new project that promotes reusable cultural data in Baden-Württemberg. [German Only]

07 May 2014

Italy by Art. Discover Italian's heritage sites with your smartphone

The Italian Ministry of Heritage, cultural activities and tourism released a mobile App to help people exploring Italian's heritage

05 May 2014

Museums in the Digital Age and Museums and the Development of Active Citizenship

The Network of European Museum Organization (NEMO) published its Annual Conference Documentation

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