01 August 2014

Creative SpIN – Spillovers of Innovation

A project that explores how to connect cultural and creative industries with other sectors of the economy, to stimulate “creative spillovers” that contribute to innovation?

01 August 2014

Workshop: Cultural Heritage and Creative City / Regional Development

CreativeCH organises its next workshop in cooperation with the Institute for Social and European Studies (ISES). The workshop will address the role of cultural heritage and creative industries in the development of cities and regions. It will be held on the 16th of September in Budapest

29 July 2014

The stories that made history. Heritage and ICT one century after the WWI

Initiatives and projects related to the First World War centenary's celebration have brought to an unprecedented contribution of user generated resources, and helped to discover hidden aspects of the Great War.

26 June 2014

Open Data in Museums. Challenges and Opportunities

A moment of the conference
"All access, all free - Open data in cultural institutions" conference took place the 12th and 13th of June in Wien

16 June 2014

Showcases' spotlight: Student perception of Cultural Heritage

Salzburg showcased engaged students to understand their perception about local cultural heritage and how to communicate it in novel ways. Here's the results.

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