World Heritage City of Salzburg: new experiences for residents and visitors

Salzburg waterfront
Salzburg waterfront
Salzburg town hall
Salzburg town hall

The showcase particularly focuses on engaging students, cultural heritage organisations and creative industries in the development of new forms of communicating heritage of the City of Salzburg in more creative and diverse ways. 

The overall theme of this showcase is how such sites can reconnect with the local population and offer them and visitors distinct cultural experiences.

World Heritage sites such as Salzburg are understood to be of outstanding universal value. Yet often the local people have lost their sense of ownership and tourists are usually offered the typical “tourist package”, thus reinforcing stereotypic images.


Contact: Julia Eder, Salzburg Research

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Selected showcase information and results

Showcase website 
News and documentation (in German) 

“Kulturerleben” portal
Virtual tours based on local cultural heritage content (in German) 

Showcase surveys and ideas workshops
The showcase involved 222 students and other young people through surveys and ideas workshops:

  • Survey American Students in Salzburg, 2013: 33 students, age group 19-22 years;
  • Ideas Workshops - Salzburg Youth Congress, 2012: 150 students, age group 10-14 years;
  • Survey Salzburg Science Night, 2012: 39 participants, age groups 10-30 years.

Survey American Students in Salzburg (15 March 2013)
A workshop with 33 students of the Salzburg Program of the University of Portland was organized at the Salzburg City Archive. As part of the workshop the students answered a questionnaire about their initial expectations of cultural heritage in Salzburg and how these views have changed after having lived here for nearly a year. The workshop was followed by a guided tour through the historical center of Salzburg that involved testing a showcase prototype.
Report, in English

Ideas workshop / survey during the Salzburg Youth Congress (28 June 2012)
About 150 students were invited to discuss and develop ideas of how cultural heritage in Salzburg can be presented to young people and students in exciting ways. The ideas survey was conducted over the whole day with six school classes. The survey captured many good and unconventional ideas about relevant places and themes, and how to “mix” cultural heritage with topics that interest young people. Suggestions included, for example: built heritage could be animated (e.g. colorful illumination), green spaces (e.g. the Salzburg riverside, parks) used for events and activities around cultural heritage, traditional performing arts mixed with pop music.
Report: in Englishin German

Survey Salzburg Science Night (27 April 2012)
The survey collected notions and perceptions of students and teenagers of cultural heritage in Salzburg (39 questionnaires), and produced some surprising results: Youngsters came up with comprehensive definitions of cultural heritage, there was a rather high interest in intangible aspects of cultural heritage, and the city center’s UNESCO World Heritage status (since 1996) was hardly ever mentioned.  For learning about cultural heritage traditional means (e.g. visits, tour guides, books and videos) were appreciated just as well as new media and technologies.
Report: in Englishin German

Interview with the Showcase Manager Andreas Strasser

In a nutshell, what is the concept of your showcase?

The World Heritage City of Salzburg has an internationally branded, stereotypical image of Salzburg. It highlights the historic ensemble of built heritage and, of course, Mozart, the famous Salzburg Festival and the Sound of Music tour.

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News: Salzburg

21 August 2012

Creative Industries: an Engine of Growth

The latest Report on Creative Industries identified the Creative Industries as an engine of growth...

21 August 2012

Regional partner added

Salzburg-based company from the Creative Industries becomes a regional partner

15 August 2012

Results of the Salzburg Youth Congress workshop

New ideas on presenting cultural heritage in Salzburg

20 July 2012

CreativeCH at the Salzburg Youth Congress 2012

About 150 students were invited to discuss cultural heritage in Salzburg

13 June 2012

Cultural heritage in the eyes of the young

Surprising results from a survey among youths and students in Salzburg

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