31 January 2014

Europeana release the second version of its Open Culture App, now bigger and better

Europeana Open Culture App second release brings more functionality, new content and an improved layout.

22 January 2014

Which approach to IPR in Culture? Find out more in our next workshop

"Open Access, IPR and management of rights in the digital Cultural Heritage realm", the eight workshop in our project, will explore the links between IPR, Culture and Creativity, in order to understand which framework could be more suitable for the Digital Era

17 December 2013

New Skills and Professionalization for the Digital Arena

New Skills and Professionalization for the Digital Arena, CreativeCH's seventh workshop, was held in Rotterdam on the 2nd December 2013.

11 December 2013

Google Open Gallery allows museums and individuals to create their own online showcases

The new Google Open Gallery tool was launched yesterday, as part of the broader company's Cultural Institute programme.

06 December 2013

IPR in Digital Culture, a perspective from University of Coimbra

The workshop focused on the legal issues involving the use and reuse of cultural and intellectual contents produced by Memory and Academic Institutions, within the reality of today’s participatory and remix culture, and the search for a better balance between public interest and right holders entitlement to recognition and economic reward.

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